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Attakapa​s Opelousas Prairie Tribe

Caryol Gray Whitford

My name is Carolyn Running Crane Whitford. I am an enrolled member of my tribe, the Attakapas-Opelousas BlackLeg Crane band. Both of my parents are Attakapas-Opelousas born in Louisiana. My Indian name in Attakapa is "I cul kawiya tsanu'k” (Catches the Last Horse). My Native American bloodline can be traced to Quebec to Roch Manitouabanouk, Huron and wife Outchibahanoukoueouk Oueou Koeou, Algonquian who gave birth to Manitouabeoich, Christian name Marie Oliver Slyvestre, who married Martin Provost.

My husband is Harvey Running Crane Whitford, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation from Montana. His Indian name is “ETucks-Sis-Toi-Yee” (Many Night Boy). We have traveled the four directions, even with a dance troupe to Europe, living our culture wherever we go.

We keep our cultural traditions strong in honor of our ancestors and family so that our tribes will never be extinct and our people will carry on the spirit of the Indian way.

 I am honored and proud to represent the Louisiana Attakapas- Opelousas Prairie Tribe as a council member. I will greatly support our tribe and work diligently for tribal recognition.