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History and Culture of the Attakapa people


 The Attakapa ancestors lived in brush shelters, small huts made of grass and reeds built around wood. The Attakapas who inhibited the Opelousas and surrounding areas hunted, gathered, and fished such foods as the shellfish, fish, bird eggs, as well as many wild plants. They hunted deer, rabbit, and Alligator, as well as wild hog. They used the alligator oil to repel mosquitoes, and used traps, nets and spears as weapons and to hunt. The Attakapas grew and harvested their own foods such as corn, beans, and tobacco that were traded with the Europeans. The Attakapa trading post was located in St. Martinville Louisiana as well as St. Landry parish. The Attakapas roamed these areas until most were killed by the Opelousas Tribe, and others went into hiding, some marring into the Houma Tribe, while others intermarried in the African Americans.The old Attakapa people lived in villages on the border of the lakes. They planted pumpkins, beans, corn,and sweet potatoes. They were hunters and fishers, and they ate deer meat, turtle, turkey, catfish, perch, gaspergou, ducks, geese, pheasants, rabbits, squirrels,muscadines, grapes, and peanuts. The Attakapas are widely recognized for their skill river cane and palmetto basketry. The Attakapas used herbs, roots and berries to make medicine. Alfalfa was a flowering plant high in protein, calcium, and vitamins used to relieve digestive disturbances. Sage was used to ward off evil spirits and cleanse the body. Today the Attakapas still use herbal medicine  to treat for varies diseases, and ward off evil spirits, and cleanse the body.

Attakapa​s Opelousas Prairie Tribe