Attakapa is pronounced "ah-tah-kah-pah", and comes from a Choctaw word that means "man-Eaters". The Attakapas are original people of Southwest Louisiana and Southeastern Texas. They were one of six linguistic bands to inhabit Louisiana. The Attakapas lived here in Louisiana long before the European explorers arrived and lived primarily in Louisiana and spread across the Opelousas, Lafayette, Vermillionville, and St. Martinvile areas. Today there are many descendants who are still living in these areas, and spread out across the United States. Even though most of the Attakapa tribes were decimated by the late 1850's from infectious diseases and poverty, descendants still exists today, and have re-organized with 1,300 enrolled tribal members of the Attakapa Opelousas Prairie Tribe. Leaders and tribal members continue to fight for Federal Recognition

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